Our Values

At Booroomooka, our long-term success reflects our unwavering commitment to the Angus breed in Australia.

We uphold our core values of Integrity, Commitment, Reliability and Innovation with every decision ensuring we remain a reliable supplier of quality genetics, continually innovating with the breed, and embracing new technologies.

Gordon and Hugh Munro have both served as Presidents of Angus Australia, and Sinclair is currently in the high-status role.

Our Philosophy

With longevity in the business, cattle, country, and family, we know how the industry works.

Our goal is to produce structurally sound, fertile, quiet cattle with the genetic potential to increase long-term profitability for producers.

Since 1926, our cattle herd has been uniquely developed in hilly native grass country, allowing our cattle to prosper in rugged conditions.

Our cattle are run in large contemporary groups so that genetic differences can be measured. By adapting to cope with lower-quality native grasses and seasonal fluctuations, our cattle are bred to be resilient.

Our Genetic Goals

Since 1926, Booroomooka Angus has continually improved, creating substantial customer benefits through cumulative gains and constant innovation.


  • 1994: Commenced weighing all calves at birth, increasing performance recording.
  • 1995: Hugh and Sinclair travelled across the USA to identify and import semen/embryos, focusing on growth and marbling.
  • 2004: Recorded 597 Booroomooka HBR calves with an average birth weight EBV of +4.1, 600D +83, +2.1 IMF%, and an ABI of $144.
  • 2022: Recorded 1308 Booroomooka HBR calves with sire verification and genomically enhanced EBVs. The average birth weight EBV was +3.7, 600D +126, +3 IMF%, and an ABI of $220.

Our genetic goals at Booroomooka focus on increasing the long-term profitability of our customers by continuously improving meat quality and enhancing on-farm efficiency traits.

Our Genetic Attributes

Along with our bulls, we have a strong commitment to identify females who have the traits to increase profitability. These cattle are multiplied, resulting in a superior herd with depth of breeding and consistency.

Our cattle are bred to:

  • Be resilient & productive 
  • Thrive in the paddock & meet the growth & carcass specifications for chosen markets
  • Increase profitability and sustainability along the supply chain
  • Have calving ease & good weight for age
  • Have a quiet temperament
  • Be structurally sound
  • Have increased eating quality (marbling)

“Our philosophy is based on making our cow herd work for us, rather than us working for them.”

How We Do This

  • Continual Genetic Improvement using the TACE genetic evaluation
  • Long-term commitment to collecting phenotype, pedigree, and genomic data
  • Innovation by using validated new technologies
  • Integrity of data collection and providing relevant information, so our customers can make informed decisions
  • Be a reliable supplier for our customers

Our People

The success of Booroomooka Angus hinges on the strength and dedication of the people involved in our business. The Munro family-owned enterprise thrives, thanks to the skills and commitment of our team, which includes ten employees, numerous contractors, specialist advisors, Angus Australia, agents, and transport operators.

Together, we ensure our customers receive the best care and service.

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